Mobile Ultrasound Lab & Staffing

Why send your testing and revenue out to another facility? Let us help you keep your patients comfortable while boosting your profits.

Decreased down time from faulty equipment or absence of tech
No equipment cost
Increased patient volume
Increased revenue
Timely exam interpretation
Billing assistance
Temporary or permanent hospital staffing

Full-Service Ultrasound Provider

Early Detection Screenings provides both the technician and equipment your office needs to provide reliable on-site ultrasound services. We provide services to help your facilities increase revenue while offering convenient testing for your patients.  

We can also provide relief services for your ultrasound lab in times when your equipment is down or your technician is out in order to keep your office running efficiently. Interpretation of testing by board certified physicians is available. 

Available Tests

Carotid ultrasounds
Abdominal aorta ultrasounds
Upper/Lower extremity arterial ultrasounds
Upper/Lower extremity venous ultrasounds
Thyroid ultrasounds
Abdominal ultrasounds
Transcranial ultrasounds

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